Individual Rights over The Common Good

I’m a Republican, a staunch believer in individual freedoms over the greater good. That’s my statement for context.

When it comes to the presidential primaries, I’m quite afraid that Trump is going to win the nomination. I just can’t see how he loses with all the momentum he has.

I will definitely vote for someone else when the primaries reach Pennsylvania. I’m also sure it won’t change my previous statement. 

However, I often hear Democrats complain that people are hateful if they vote Trump. 

“How can people be that way?”

“Why would anyone ever vote for Trump?”

“If you vote for Trump, please unfriend me now.”

Those statements don’t take something very important into account when you sweep wide with that brush. If Trump wins the nomination, my only alternative is to vote for Bernie or Hillary.

As bad as a Trump presidency would be, it still beats a Hillary or Bernie presidency. Sorry. Rock and a hard place for me.

In my mind there will never be a time and place where our individual rights mean nothing. Our individual rights should be held valuable even if we are risking death for them.

That is my whole point when voting. I’m not willing to trade individual rights for anything. Not safety. Not security. Not good international relations. Not the common good.

We have a pretty good chance of losing I individual rights with Trump. But we have an absolute chance of losing them with Bernie or Hillary.