HGTV Dream Home

January 1 and I’m watching the 2013 Dream Home on HGTV the family. It’s nice to get our last together time before everyone returns to work and school. If you’re interested, you can find more info on the HGTV website.

It’s located in South Carolina this year. I can just imagine living in that southern weather. I spent a year in North Carolina. I would NOT miss the snow.
More time on the bike and more time in the water.

Sadly, most winners can’t afford to keep a Dream Home when they win. Taxes are a killer. So if you’re entering, make plans now. You’ll need to write, act, or consult in order to raise your income. The house comes with furnishings, car, and $500k. Probably so you can pay the taxes for the first year.

I would visit Parris Island on a regular basis and watch the new Marines’ graduation ceremonies.

Unfortunately a lot of the house has that 70s guacamole green color. But would you really complain if you won? Lol… No! The furnishings include some wonderful artwork, but my favorite feature is the kids’ bunk bed nooks.

I was introduced to sweet tea in North Carolina and I would love to get back to southern cuisine. Apparently this home is just outside of Charleston.