Gay marriage… Pro or con?

Where do you stand on gay marriage?  It’s a real shame that the most vocal of both sides have the most idiotic messages to support thier side.

Against gay marriage?   Let’s just be honest.  You don’t like gay marriage because you don’t believe in it.

Some for religious reasons, some because of a gut feeling.  Some are uncomfortable around gays, some don’t even really know why they are against it.  But all are basing it on a belief or reason. 

It’s not logical so stop trying to logic it.

Support gay marriage?  Look above.  Those who are againt you are not logical.  Stop trying to logic them into your point of view.  Simply ask them why the believe against gay marriage.  Some people, after looking for their own logical reasons against gay marriage will eventually figure out they don’t have any.  The’ll turn, eventually.  But it will bhe slow.  Stop expecting everyone to change overnight.

Oh, I have some bad news.  Some people will never turn.  Accept it or become a bitter old person who dies unhappy and frustrated.

And about your own logic, some of it sucks.  If you want to justify gay marriage by saying that anti gay marriage are hateful, exclusive, and old fashioned; be very careful about that. The polygamists and polyamorists are gonna come after you next.  If homophobes can’t exclude because of gender, why do you get to exclude because of numbers?  That is not a good argument.

Stick with the other sides lack of logic and make people think, think, and think.  Give it time and things will change.  Many states have.  It’s only a matter of time.