Have you considered that things may not get better?

As small individuals in a world “run by the 1%”, have you considered that things may not get better?

Citizens are continuing to get dejected.  Voters are just stopping.  No more voting.  “What’s the use?” they say.  Even if you do vote, there are only two choices, which people say are picked by the 1% anyway.

Yet, we continue to give this elite national group of individuals more and more say in our lives.

Yes, let’s take education away from the state anf make it federal.  Yes, let’s set national standards for new buildings.  Yes, let’s get the federal government to regulate welfare, marriage, and building codes.

Because when the wrong person gains control of the government, i want them to have the power to disrupt as much as my life as possible without any chance of me moving to another town, city, or state to find the rules/laws that fit my way of life.