Occupy Walll Street is bringing people together… In good intentions and ignorance

I saw a post on Facebook.  Don’t know if you saw it.  “More jobs, Less cuts!”

It was posting for an activist gathering sponsored by moveon.org.  I was was torn.

One one hand, “More jobs”.  Is an excellent idea.  The problem is everyone seems to disagree on how to get there. 
But on the other hand,  wouldn’t it be great if all sorts of people could get get together and show the politicians that we agree on more jobs!

“yes. Ms. Newsperson who is interviewing me.  We do agree on More Jobs.  No, I won’t discuss with you how we should accomplish that because we know that we disagree.  Today, for this short time, we will set all else aside to show our politicians that we agree on this one thing… More Jobs!”

That would be an awesome world.

However,  I couldn’t stop there.   I had to start down the political brick road.  As I clicked on one political link, it led me to another.  Suddenly I am reading a debate between two people and the names George Soros and Warren Buffet.  Apparently,  Warren Buffett is telling us common masses that rich people should be paying more taxes and they are pulling the wool over our eyes.

That led me to Googling for the richest 1%.   You must have heard the latest news about the richest 1%…  The are running our worlds and our politics with their money?

Sidenote…  I was surprised to read that you only need to make over $500,000 a year to be in the top 1%.  I’m not sure I believe that but we’ll take it at face value for now.

So now we’re at Wall Street.  People are protesting the richest 1%.  They are just greedy.  They are just selfish.  We have determined that there is no good reason for you to make so much money so we should take that money from you and give it to people who need it.  It’s called Occupy Wall Street and it makes great news.

And know what… They’re right, because Warren Buffet said so!

So now Occupy Wall Street is a just and proper cause.  So when are we getting together for Occupy Hollywood?  Let’s take George Lucas’ money.

Any takers on Occupy Heinz Field, Occupy Soldier Field, or Occupy Madison Square Garden?   Perhaps we should put a $200,000 cap on Ben Roethlisberger’s and Kobe Bryant’s salaries.   Next on the list… Lady GaGa, Justin Beiber, and Taylor Swift.

I was reading an interesting article on the really rich.  It claims that the gap between them and everyone else is getting larger.  Claims that their group is getting smaller.   Claims that the average income of the non-super-rich is getting lower.

I donKt know if that true, but if so…  It claimed that the result is rich who don’t care about the public resources because the don’t need them.  Sounds true.   That they lose understanding of what we need.  Sounds true.

And most interesting…  Top economists don’t know why this is occurring.

When I got to the end of all this reading,  I was confused by a few things.


Buffett, Soros, the sports stars, Hollywood, and the Musical superstars are making way OVER $500,000 so why are we letting the warren Buffetts and George Soros telling us how the OTHER rich are evil?  If we fix this, it needs to be without them!  DOH!


Why are we mad at the measly $500,000 makers when there is such bigger fish?  Aren’t we just letting the really rich people distract us like dogs chewing on red meat?


If the people on Wall Street had a fan club and a Facebook page, would there be an Occupy Wall Street?

Four and last

How is is possible that economists don’t know why the gap is getting bigger?

The world is made of many financial pyramids.  At the top of each pyramid is a company, a board of directors and a CEO.

Guess what folks!  There is a lot less pyramids in the world than there was 20, 50, or a hundred years ago.  Each pyramid owns a bigger chunk of the world.  At the bottom of each pyramid is one of us spending money and it all flows up to the top.

It doesn’t take alot to figure out if there are less tops, all making money from bigger chunks of us, then there is going to be a bigger gap to the top.

WOW!  The people who made anti_monopoly laws were geniuses!

Too bad we ruined their ideas with decades of justifications.

“Look at all the good these companies have done for us.”  It’s not worth the gap.  They are pitting us against ourselves, manipulating us, and distracting us.  If one of us ran for President, they would convince us s/he wasn’t good enough.

Break them all up!  Sure sure…  Someone will say we have no right.  The Anti monopoly laws give us the right.  We now need the courage to go against our iPads, gas prices, and politicians!