Seeing from a new perspective

I was active duty military for 8 years.  I exited the Marine Corps in 1993.

It’s 17 years and 9 months later and my perspective just changed.

Friday night I watched the latest episode of Combat Hospital.   Up to this point, whenever I remembered my Marine Corps days or told stories or spoke to old buddies…  I remembered those days from the view of the young man that I was.

As I was watching Combat Hospital, I realized the I am now the aged of the Sergeant Majors, Colonels, and Generals.  Suddenly I saw things from their view point.  Lokking out for so many boys, and feeling the weight of responsibility for them.  Some times they must support and look out for them like sons.  And today… In this age… Like daughters.

Sometimes it’s like your world revolved and you get to look at it differently.  Be open to that.  Be always ready to learn.