What am I going to blog about?

Anything I feel like!

About five years ago, I walked into my house, straight into the kitchen, looked at my wife and said, “Honey! I figured out what I like to do!”


“I like to talk!”

“What took you so long?”

So now I am going to torture you with everything that my wife only listens to because she loves me.  I will probably feel the need to bombard her less often, and she will probably love me more.  We all win!

Does that mean I’m going to boar you? Maybe. But that raises a good question about business? If you are running a business, do you want all the customers or just the really committed ones?

Business seem to be putting in much effort to make everyone happy.  Do you remember the quote from Abraham Lincoln, “”You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”  Let’s face it, the same can be said about pleasing people.

I think I am starting to understand that if I try to please everyone, I am not going to please anyone.  The reason is this…

EVERYONE has traits and a personality that appeals to someone else.  Setting aside for a moment, those really bad traits and personalities, we are going to assume that everyone is basically good for the purposes of this discussion.

If you can shave away the inhibitions, the hesitancy, the shyness, and the cover-up, then people can see those true traits and personality and like you for it.  Of course some people will dislike you for it, but if we are honest with ourselves, those are not the people we want to hang out with anyhow.

Have you ever noticed that people become more honest as they get older?  I think some of it is accepting more of who we really are, a bit of wanting to eliminate some of the untruth in the world, and some of it is just plain old honesty as we get close to the end.

Will I become “Brutally honest… sorta” overnight.  Not even if you slap me with a raccoon.  But my goal is to be more so.  To be more so honest and more so comfortable with myself.