My second blog ever… A whole new goal

I know people who have more than one blog.  Do you know anyone like that?  Business blog, personal blog, wedding blog, family blog, and maybe an expert blog.

Some people go through blogs the way other people will flip a house.  Start and sell, start and sell, start and sell… always hoping to turn a profit.

I sold my first blog for $  Sold my second blog for $10,449.  I’m hoping to build my readership and sell this new blog for six figures.”

Well, I don’t give a flying toaster oven!  My goal is to build good strong connections with people.  Apparently, what I haven’t been able to get through my head is that honesty these days is not TMI.  Well, ok…  some honesty is indeed Too Much Information.  But people want honesty these days.  Honesty is what makes people want to make a connection with you.  The sooner I face that the better.

So that is why my new blog is called “Brutal Honesty… Sorta.”  I need to be reminded that people want real honesty,  and yes, there is still some things that are TMI.