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  • Michael Cortes 9:16 pm on February 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Individual Rights over The Common Good 

    I’m a Republican, a staunch believer in individual freedoms over the greater good. That’s my statement for context.

    When it comes to the presidential primaries, I’m quite afraid that Trump is going to win the nomination. I just can’t see how he loses with all the momentum he has.

    I will definitely vote for someone else when the primaries reach Pennsylvania. I’m also sure it won’t change my previous statement. 

    However, I often hear Democrats complain that people are hateful if they vote Trump. 

    “How can people be that way?”

    “Why would anyone ever vote for Trump?”

    “If you vote for Trump, please unfriend me now.”

    Those statements don’t take something very important into account when you sweep wide with that brush. If Trump wins the nomination, my only alternative is to vote for Bernie or Hillary.

    As bad as a Trump presidency would be, it still beats a Hillary or Bernie presidency. Sorry. Rock and a hard place for me.

    In my mind there will never be a time and place where our individual rights mean nothing. Our individual rights should be held valuable even if we are risking death for them.

    That is my whole point when voting. I’m not willing to trade individual rights for anything. Not safety. Not security. Not good international relations. Not the common good.

    We have a pretty good chance of losing I individual rights with Trump. But we have an absolute chance of losing them with Bernie or Hillary.

  • Michael Cortes 7:46 pm on January 1, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    HGTV Dream Home 

    January 1 and I’m watching the 2013 Dream Home on HGTV the family. It’s nice to get our last together time before everyone returns to work and school. If you’re interested, you can find more info on the HGTV website.

    It’s located in South Carolina this year. I can just imagine living in that southern weather. I spent a year in North Carolina. I would NOT miss the snow.
    More time on the bike and more time in the water.

    Sadly, most winners can’t afford to keep a Dream Home when they win. Taxes are a killer. So if you’re entering, make plans now. You’ll need to write, act, or consult in order to raise your income. The house comes with furnishings, car, and $500k. Probably so you can pay the taxes for the first year.

    I would visit Parris Island on a regular basis and watch the new Marines’ graduation ceremonies.

    Unfortunately a lot of the house has that 70s guacamole green color. But would you really complain if you won? Lol… No! The furnishings include some wonderful artwork, but my favorite feature is the kids’ bunk bed nooks.

    I was introduced to sweet tea in North Carolina and I would love to get back to southern cuisine. Apparently this home is just outside of Charleston.

  • Michael Cortes 12:54 am on July 31, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    Gay marriage… Pro or con? 

    Where do you stand on gay marriage?  It’s a real shame that the most vocal of both sides have the most idiotic messages to support thier side.

    Against gay marriage?   Let’s just be honest.  You don’t like gay marriage because you don’t believe in it.

    Some for religious reasons, some because of a gut feeling.  Some are uncomfortable around gays, some don’t even really know why they are against it.  But all are basing it on a belief or reason. 

    It’s not logical so stop trying to logic it.

    Support gay marriage?  Look above.  Those who are againt you are not logical.  Stop trying to logic them into your point of view.  Simply ask them why the believe against gay marriage.  Some people, after looking for their own logical reasons against gay marriage will eventually figure out they don’t have any.  The’ll turn, eventually.  But it will bhe slow.  Stop expecting everyone to change overnight.

    Oh, I have some bad news.  Some people will never turn.  Accept it or become a bitter old person who dies unhappy and frustrated.

    And about your own logic, some of it sucks.  If you want to justify gay marriage by saying that anti gay marriage are hateful, exclusive, and old fashioned; be very careful about that. The polygamists and polyamorists are gonna come after you next.  If homophobes can’t exclude because of gender, why do you get to exclude because of numbers?  That is not a good argument.

    Stick with the other sides lack of logic and make people think, think, and think.  Give it time and things will change.  Many states have.  It’s only a matter of time.

  • Michael Cortes 8:51 am on July 28, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    Have you considered that things may not get better? 

    As small individuals in a world “run by the 1%”, have you considered that things may not get better?

    Citizens are continuing to get dejected.  Voters are just stopping.  No more voting.  “What’s the use?” they say.  Even if you do vote, there are only two choices, which people say are picked by the 1% anyway.

    Yet, we continue to give this elite national group of individuals more and more say in our lives.

    Yes, let’s take education away from the state anf make it federal.  Yes, let’s set national standards for new buildings.  Yes, let’s get the federal government to regulate welfare, marriage, and building codes.

    Because when the wrong person gains control of the government, i want them to have the power to disrupt as much as my life as possible without any chance of me moving to another town, city, or state to find the rules/laws that fit my way of life.

  • Michael Cortes 7:57 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Occupy Walll Street is bringing people together… In good intentions and ignorance 

    I saw a post on Facebook.  Don’t know if you saw it.  “More jobs, Less cuts!”

    It was posting for an activist gathering sponsored by  I was was torn.

    One one hand, “More jobs”.  Is an excellent idea.  The problem is everyone seems to disagree on how to get there. 
    But on the other hand,  wouldn’t it be great if all sorts of people could get get together and show the politicians that we agree on more jobs!

    “yes. Ms. Newsperson who is interviewing me.  We do agree on More Jobs.  No, I won’t discuss with you how we should accomplish that because we know that we disagree.  Today, for this short time, we will set all else aside to show our politicians that we agree on this one thing… More Jobs!”

    That would be an awesome world.

    However,  I couldn’t stop there.   I had to start down the political brick road.  As I clicked on one political link, it led me to another.  Suddenly I am reading a debate between two people and the names George Soros and Warren Buffet.  Apparently,  Warren Buffett is telling us common masses that rich people should be paying more taxes and they are pulling the wool over our eyes.

    That led me to Googling for the richest 1%.   You must have heard the latest news about the richest 1%…  The are running our worlds and our politics with their money?

    Sidenote…  I was surprised to read that you only need to make over $500,000 a year to be in the top 1%.  I’m not sure I believe that but we’ll take it at face value for now.

    So now we’re at Wall Street.  People are protesting the richest 1%.  They are just greedy.  They are just selfish.  We have determined that there is no good reason for you to make so much money so we should take that money from you and give it to people who need it.  It’s called Occupy Wall Street and it makes great news.

    And know what… They’re right, because Warren Buffet said so!

    So now Occupy Wall Street is a just and proper cause.  So when are we getting together for Occupy Hollywood?  Let’s take George Lucas’ money.

    Any takers on Occupy Heinz Field, Occupy Soldier Field, or Occupy Madison Square Garden?   Perhaps we should put a $200,000 cap on Ben Roethlisberger’s and Kobe Bryant’s salaries.   Next on the list… Lady GaGa, Justin Beiber, and Taylor Swift.

    I was reading an interesting article on the really rich.  It claims that the gap between them and everyone else is getting larger.  Claims that their group is getting smaller.   Claims that the average income of the non-super-rich is getting lower.

    I donKt know if that true, but if so…  It claimed that the result is rich who don’t care about the public resources because the don’t need them.  Sounds true.   That they lose understanding of what we need.  Sounds true.

    And most interesting…  Top economists don’t know why this is occurring.

    When I got to the end of all this reading,  I was confused by a few things.


    Buffett, Soros, the sports stars, Hollywood, and the Musical superstars are making way OVER $500,000 so why are we letting the warren Buffetts and George Soros telling us how the OTHER rich are evil?  If we fix this, it needs to be without them!  DOH!


    Why are we mad at the measly $500,000 makers when there is such bigger fish?  Aren’t we just letting the really rich people distract us like dogs chewing on red meat?


    If the people on Wall Street had a fan club and a Facebook page, would there be an Occupy Wall Street?

    Four and last

    How is is possible that economists don’t know why the gap is getting bigger?

    The world is made of many financial pyramids.  At the top of each pyramid is a company, a board of directors and a CEO.

    Guess what folks!  There is a lot less pyramids in the world than there was 20, 50, or a hundred years ago.  Each pyramid owns a bigger chunk of the world.  At the bottom of each pyramid is one of us spending money and it all flows up to the top.

    It doesn’t take alot to figure out if there are less tops, all making money from bigger chunks of us, then there is going to be a bigger gap to the top.

    WOW!  The people who made anti_monopoly laws were geniuses!

    Too bad we ruined their ideas with decades of justifications.

    “Look at all the good these companies have done for us.”  It’s not worth the gap.  They are pitting us against ourselves, manipulating us, and distracting us.  If one of us ran for President, they would convince us s/he wasn’t good enough.

    Break them all up!  Sure sure…  Someone will say we have no right.  The Anti monopoly laws give us the right.  We now need the courage to go against our iPads, gas prices, and politicians!

  • Michael Cortes 5:36 pm on August 26, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Board? No, not “Are you board?” Board of Directors. 

    I have been listening to talks lately that center around boards.  Boards of Directors.  This reminded me of two things.

    1.  A single director is not the board
    2.  All directors do not need to agree to make a decision by the Board

    A single director is not the board

    Why do we often blame an individual for the decisions of the board?  If the director you are looking at, agreed with or voted for that decision… Then have at it.   Blame them. That director contributed to the decision.  Thank the director or blame director, depending on what you believe.  But a director who voted against the decision, shouldn’t get the blame.  They tried to stop it. 

    How about if you liked the board’s decision and that director voted gainst it?  Do you blame them then?

    No!  They tried.  They lost. You got what you wanted.  Be gracious. Don’t deny your opponent the opportunity to disagree with you.  Especially since you won.

    All directors do not need to agree to make a decision by the Board

    Speaking of elected and non-corporate boards especially… The practice of “supporting a board decision” is overrated, overreached, and overinforced.

    Sometimes boards will agree completely on a decisions.  But unanimous decisions are not likely to happen in every single decisions.  Some would even argue it’s not healthy for a group to ALWAYS be unanimous in its decisions.  So how do you treat it when some one dissents?

    Should the losing votes pretend they believe in the decision?  Should the opposing director be silenced in support of an appearance of a united front?

    Everyone should always support the rules and the process.  I don’t endorse breaking rules or disobedience.  But what I love about elected boards is the is a process for replacing those elected. 

    People who disagree with a board’s decision should not be denied to speak up about their opinion.  They have should continue to speak up and attempt to persuade others.  They should try to get others to vote with them.  They should never be silenced.

    Elected and non-profit boards might even consider getting a dissenting opinion on record.  Sorta like our U.S. Supreme Court.

    One caveat… They should not interupt the process to do so.  Internet, blogs, Facebook, letters, etc… Go for it.  Speak up.  If people will listen, even better.

    But it doesnt mean you have the right to interupt board meetings, to stop elections, or impose yourself in an existing agenda.  Use the process.  Every election process provides the opportunity to be heard at some point.

  • Michael Cortes 5:25 pm on August 23, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: learn, marine corp, perspective   

    Seeing from a new perspective 

    I was active duty military for 8 years.  I exited the Marine Corps in 1993.

    It’s 17 years and 9 months later and my perspective just changed.

    Friday night I watched the latest episode of Combat Hospital.   Up to this point, whenever I remembered my Marine Corps days or told stories or spoke to old buddies…  I remembered those days from the view of the young man that I was.

    As I was watching Combat Hospital, I realized the I am now the aged of the Sergeant Majors, Colonels, and Generals.  Suddenly I saw things from their view point.  Lokking out for so many boys, and feeling the weight of responsibility for them.  Some times they must support and look out for them like sons.  And today… In this age… Like daughters.

    Sometimes it’s like your world revolved and you get to look at it differently.  Be open to that.  Be always ready to learn.

  • Michael Cortes 5:49 pm on August 20, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Why does this blog look so boring? 

    Right now, my blog is pretty plain.   You might wonder, “Why is it so blaaaah?”

    When it comes down to it, I have to admit that I am content over packaging kinda guy.  Let’s face it, you have to ask yourself, “Self, do I care more about the icing on the cake or if I get vanilla or chocolate cake.”

    I like websites for content.  I am starting a new blog and I did it so I could just ramble on about whatever struck my mind.  Unfortunately, that happens alot.  My mind:  It’s a scary place up there.

    So you either want to read my aimless blather, or you want to look at beautiful blogs.

  • Michael Cortes 5:48 pm on August 17, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    What am I going to blog about? 

    Anything I feel like!

    About five years ago, I walked into my house, straight into the kitchen, looked at my wife and said, “Honey! I figured out what I like to do!”


    “I like to talk!”

    “What took you so long?”

    So now I am going to torture you with everything that my wife only listens to because she loves me.  I will probably feel the need to bombard her less often, and she will probably love me more.  We all win!

    Does that mean I’m going to boar you? Maybe. But that raises a good question about business? If you are running a business, do you want all the customers or just the really committed ones?

    Business seem to be putting in much effort to make everyone happy.  Do you remember the quote from Abraham Lincoln, “”You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”  Let’s face it, the same can be said about pleasing people.

    I think I am starting to understand that if I try to please everyone, I am not going to please anyone.  The reason is this…

    EVERYONE has traits and a personality that appeals to someone else.  Setting aside for a moment, those really bad traits and personalities, we are going to assume that everyone is basically good for the purposes of this discussion.

    If you can shave away the inhibitions, the hesitancy, the shyness, and the cover-up, then people can see those true traits and personality and like you for it.  Of course some people will dislike you for it, but if we are honest with ourselves, those are not the people we want to hang out with anyhow.

    Have you ever noticed that people become more honest as they get older?  I think some of it is accepting more of who we really are, a bit of wanting to eliminate some of the untruth in the world, and some of it is just plain old honesty as we get close to the end.

    Will I become “Brutally honest… sorta” overnight.  Not even if you slap me with a raccoon.  But my goal is to be more so.  To be more so honest and more so comfortable with myself.

  • Michael Cortes 12:23 pm on August 14, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    My second blog ever… A whole new goal 

    I know people who have more than one blog.  Do you know anyone like that?  Business blog, personal blog, wedding blog, family blog, and maybe an expert blog.

    Some people go through blogs the way other people will flip a house.  Start and sell, start and sell, start and sell… always hoping to turn a profit.

    I sold my first blog for $  Sold my second blog for $10,449.  I’m hoping to build my readership and sell this new blog for six figures.”

    Well, I don’t give a flying toaster oven!  My goal is to build good strong connections with people.  Apparently, what I haven’t been able to get through my head is that honesty these days is not TMI.  Well, ok…  some honesty is indeed Too Much Information.  But people want honesty these days.  Honesty is what makes people want to make a connection with you.  The sooner I face that the better.

    So that is why my new blog is called “Brutal Honesty… Sorta.”  I need to be reminded that people want real honesty,  and yes, there is still some things that are TMI.

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